The viking race

“Bei Die Wikingers” calls for a Trackable-Race!

Vikings used to be very fond of travelling: They used to merchandise from Hedeby to the entire Scandinavian Peninusla and the rest of Europe and they are told to reach American soil long before Christopher Columbus did! So Vikings and Geocachers are two kindred spirits since both love visitng new places and explore the world. And since Travelling is not the permanent Option right now, us Geocachers came up with the idea of sending TravelBugs or other Trackables and track down their Travel arround the Globe. That is the reason “Bei Die Wikingers” calls for a Trackable-Race of the Viking-Seagull!

What do you have to do? The Race will start on Midwinter, December 21st, 2021!

Great prizes are waiting for you! Who can do the most kilometers?

All Information is available here.

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