The event-caches are coming!

On January 8th, 2023 the first 20 caches for the event "At the Vikings" were published. In total we will create 62 caches and a bonus, the icons on the map will then result in a geoart. The caches will be released in multiple waves, and the whole thing will be completed well in advance of the event, allowing enough time to solve all the puzzles by then. To make it easier to find the caches, we have created a bookmark list. 
We would like to express our thanks to all geocachers who created puzzles for the geoart and especially to our former organization members nanshe and Steppenwolff62, who played a key role in creating the geoart.
If you've got a taste for it and still have a great idea for a puzzle, let us know at and we can still consider you.

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