Final spurt

In a month it’s time, then we’ll see each other “Bei die Wikingers” in Schleswig.

We are really looking forward to seeing you, even if it still means a lot of work for the Vikings

We can tell you that enough volunteers have signed up to support the event, thank you everyone!

Unfortunately, the mobile home parking space is sold out, and there will be no more additional spaces. We are sorry for everyone who did not get a parking space. And at this point we unfortunately have to point out once again that wild camping in the Schlei region is a problem that the authorities are diligently investigating. Unfortunately, there is also an absolute ban on overnight stays in our P&R car park.

Please park in the Schuby commercial area and use our free shuttle service. There is not enough parking space in the Schleswig city area and compliance with the parking rules will be monitored this weekend.

T-shirts and jackets can only be ordered in the shop until June 11th, 2023.

The web shop closes on 06/29/2023. At the event itself there will be a box office for tickets and any remaining coins/pins, but the prices will be higher than in the web shop.

We remind all severely disabled people to report back for a parking space. Unfortunately, an error crept in in the last announcement, only the blue EU parking permits are valid.

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