The Event is published!

Today, exactly one year ahead of the official Date, our Event has been published to Have a quick look and a Will-Attend-Log is much appreaciated: Bei die Wikingers And whenever we are able to talk about it there will be a lot of information concerning this larger Event!

The TB-Run is getting closer!


Hedeby in 1021 The Vikings chisel their runes in stones to communicate. Hedeby in 2021 The digital age has also arrived in Germany, and even fax machines are slowly being retired Hedeby, December 21st, 2021 The Vikings start their first TB-Run. And they are sure to be just as excited as the participants who have … Read more

The viking race


“Bei Die Wikingers” calls for a Trackable-Race! Vikings used to be very fond of travelling: They used to merchandise from Hedeby to the entire Scandinavian Peninusla and the rest of Europe and they are told to reach American soil long before Christopher Columbus did! So Vikings and Geocachers are two kindred spirits since both love … Read more

Greetings from the Mayor of Schleswig

Dear all Geocachers, Schleswigs rich cultural background is based on a broad history. Unique “fruits” from the age of the Vikings are the former habitation “Hedeby” as well as the boundary wall “Danewerk” in Schleswig-Holstein. While Haithabu was located south from Schleswig near the inner end of the Schlei-fjord and known as Northern Europes biggest … Read more

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