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Hello and welcome to the online shop for project “Bei die Wikingers”!

Important: You first have to put a ticket in the shopping cart, only then can you add coins etc. to it. And the VIP package only includes the VIP coin in the form of the Mjöllnir, the three round coins are NOT included. With the VIP package you can give us extra support at the event. As a thank you, we're including a few special things that we won't reveal here just yet.

In addition to the access tickets, you can already purchase additional options here.

On the one hand, of course, the event coin in three versions and as a package, and Mario has also created two great displays for us.

If you would like to support us in particular, you can order the VIP package, which includes the exclusive VIP coin in the form of Mjölnir, which is only available in a limited edition of 125 copies. In addition, there will be some very special gimmicks in the VIP package.

T-shirts and sweat jackets can also be ordered, the textiles are unisex and of the same quality as the supporter shirts, i.e. the sizes are also regular.

All items can only be picked up at the event. If someone is unable to come to the event and cannot find anyone to pick up the goods they have ordered, please write to us after the event and we will find a solution.

In addition, we can offer participation in “trial climbing” under expert guidance.

And we can offer pitches for campers! It is the “cow paddock camping” that is well known in Schleswig-Holstein, the pitch is on a paddock about 5 km from the event site in a great natural location in the immediate vicinity of Haithabu. This space will be available from Friday to Sunday afternoon, the campers are dependent on self-sufficiency, we will provide two dixi toilets and waste disposal facilities on site. We will also connect the parking space to the shuttle service, but the event site is also very easy to reach by bike. You will find out more details in good time before the event.

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