“Bei Die Wikingers” calls for a Trackable-Race!

Vikings used to be very fond of travelling: They used to merchandise from Hedeby to the entire Scandinavian Peninusla and the rest of Europe and they are told to reach American soil long before Christopher Columbus did! So Vikings and Geocachers are two kindred spirits since both love visitng new places and explore the world. And since Travelling is not the permanent Option right now, us Geocachers came up with the idea of sending TravelBugs or other Trackables and track down their Travel arround the Globe. That is the reason “Bei Die Wikingers” calls for a Trackable-Race!

So what does one have to do in order to participate? It’s not much:

  • Order one of the Trackables right here.
  • Activate it and put “Bei Die Wikingers TB-Run” in the Trackable’s name.
  • Register the Trackable for the Race.
  • Send it off to travel on midwinter (21st December 2021) and let it roam the world.
  • Check how your Trackable is doing in the Race.
  • The Race is about to end on midsommar (21st June 2022). We check the statistics to determine a Winner!

What can you win?

1.placeEnjoy an entire weekend (2 nights from Friday, 7th July 2023 to Sunday, the 9th on the Event-Weekend) for 2 adults, including breakfast at the AKZENt-Hotel Strandhalle in Schleswig directly at the Event Location
2.placeA super rare supporter package “Freya” with two Coins and a Pin
3.-5.placeA Supporter-Coin “Mjöllnir” for each winner
6.-10.placeA Supporter-Pin “Edda” including a small surprise

Rules to participate:

  • Every registered “Bei die Wikingers” Token can participate.
  • The Trackables name must include “Bei die Wikingers TB-Run”.
  • Only “dropped off” logs counts for the summary of the distance, not “visited” logs.
  • The Trackable must not be placed in a Cache prior 21st December 2021 but can start later on.
  • Kilometers that the Trackable acchieved by its Owners Help arent counted to the score.
  • For each cacher that retrieved the TB, only the next “dropped off” log counts.
  • The Race ends on midsommar (21st of June 2022).
  • The Winner recieves a Hotel-Stay in the time of the Event “Bei die Wikingers”, if that Event should be postponed the aotel accomodation will be postponed as well. In case of a cancellation the arice is still being valid.
  • First Place can be transfered to someone else (contact orga@bei-die-wikingers.de).
  • The judges’ decision is final.
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